We are a wide group of specialized Lawyers and Accountants operating in the fiscal, legal, administrative & corporate fields:


Real People, Real Solutions


We assist your company and your business in the globalization process, analyzing all the problems related to business and/or trading abroad:

  • Analysis of business risks and opportunities;
  • Market surveys / research;
  • Financing / financial instruments focused on your business;
  • Assistance with customs, tax and legal services;
  • Marketing and advertising;
  • Labour rules and regulations

Corporate, Financial & Insurance Advice

The partner you require to achieve your target


With the experience of our professionals and the continuous interaction with the entrepreneur enables us to develop ideas together, through the specialized skills required, to manage the data that emerges from the financial statements of the company.

We assist in creating business plans, finding the right form of investment but, in particular, in the cohesion between the disciplines in matters related to corporate management.

Furthermore we engage / assist in the development of the marketing and communication plans providing accurate Marketing prospects on all necessary aspects to control the activities, exchange strategies, and promote products.

Extraordinary operations of merger acquisition

Through our experts we deal directly with special activity such as liquidation, merger & acquisition, bankruptcies, due diligence, agreements, rental of company branches and transformations.

Tax & Legal Solutions

There is always a solution to solve your problems


The areas of expertise of TLS are integrated with each other and work in perfect synergy to meet any customer needs and offer customized solutions for the resolution of their problems.

TLS carries out tax consultancy activities at national and international level, offering personalized assistance in the sphere of ordinary business management activities and supporting strategic and organizational development.
In this context, continuous consultancy regarding direct and indirect taxes.

TLS carries out due diligence and tax audits, both in matters of direct and indirect taxation, including customs issues.

TLS offers its clients advice on financial statements, accounting and accounting principles, OIC and IFRS, Transfer princing.

TLS is able to provide its customers with assistance in the negotiation and training of commercial and financial contracts.

Work advice

We provide managers specialized in leading highly trained team that can supply you with the highest professional level you need


Help the company in the management of payroll

We provide professionals specializing in consulting and legal issue in the field of labour law.

Processing wages and social benefit

The reserved area can be by the use of a simple and accessible interface for managing attendance from any personal computer, smartphone and tablet with internet connection.