Unicredit’s buyback plan continues

Between 22 and 26 January, the Italian bank purchased 4,678,776 treasury shares, at a weighted average price of 26.5864 euros, for a total turnover of over 124 million euros.
The purchases took place as part of the first tranche of the 2023 buy-back programme launched on 30 October, in implementation of the authorisation granted by the Shareholders’ Meeting of 27 October 2023.
On 26 January 2024, unicredit held 11,575,072 treasury shares equal to 0.68% of the share capital.
For the first tranche of the Programme for the repurchase of own shares 2023, Unicredit provides for a maximum amount of € 2.5 billion for a number of shares not exceeding 160,000,000. Unicredit’s total distribution target for 2023 is at least € 6.5 billion, compared to € 5.25 billion in 2022, which translates into a total return of more than 16%.